Meet Claire, TSTC Publishing’s Newest Intern

8 Jun

TSTC Publishing is welcoming another Baylor bear to its ranks. My name is Claire Moncla, and I am senior professional writing major and public relations minor from Houston, Texas. This is my second internship, and I am excited to get to know another side of the writing world.

For my first internship, I worked at the Baylor Line magazine for a year, and I learned a great deal about interviewing, research, and feature writing. Now for TSTC, I hope to get my feet wet in book publishing. I am very excited about new opportunities in writing, public relations (PR), and design. But most of all, I am excited to see how publishing works from the inside. I want to learn as much as I can.

Writing for me is not a major or a concentration; it is a lifestyle encompassing everything from writing creatively to working professionally in the world of print and communication.

Sitting here at my new desk in an unfamiliar office, I am thinking about the new experiences I will have and the lessons I will learn. I also can’t help but think of a metaphor.

During my salutatorian speech at the conclusion of my last year of high school, I told the audience I viewed my life as a ball of clay, with every person and interaction making an indention or imprint. Each experience molded me.

This image still resonates with me. I used it in a statement of purpose I wrote for a journalism class last year, as a theme for a newsletter I have created, and most recently, I incorporated it in a video I created for my online portfolio. I am going to use it again today.

If my life is a ball of clay that is continually reshaped, then I must have some way to capture its changing landscape. I must have some way of putting interactions and imprints into words. This is what writing is for me: a language, a dialogue, a translation of life. At each stage of my academic development, I try out new kinds of writing; I explore new jobs that give me different communication opportunities. And with each kind of communication, I am able to both express a different facet of myself and to tell a story.

This metaphor also relates to TSTC Publishing. As an in-house publishing company, TSTC must constantly remold itself like a hand kneading clay; it must continually seek to capture the ever-changing landscape of technology with its textbooks. In doing this task, TSTC Publishing both expresses its unique identity and tells the stories of its campus, classes, and community.

TSTC Publishing: I think you and I will be a good fit.

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