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24 Mar

Social media. Social media. Social media. Nine times out of ten I want to scream, Enough already! Every day new apps are coming out . . . and while most of them are at least moderately interesting, who has the time (or energy) to incorporate all these applications springing up like mushrooms? Between blogging, Facebook, and Twitter alone (plus the concomitant bit.ly, Statcounter, Feedburner, Flickr, Twitpic, and more), it’s not exactly the best return on investment to spend even more time gathering, sending, and responding to content flying around the Internet. I mean, unless you’re a social media manager who’s paid to develop carpal tunnel syndrome and have eyes as watery and red as a hamster’s, we really all do have our regular jobs to do!

That being said, I’m still always on the lookout for a good, new Web-based app . . . after all, somebody somewhere is going to develop the next Twitter. The key thing for me is that it be simple to use, easily integrated into our various Web sites, and instantly relevant to what we do. The best (and most recent) one I’ve come across lately is formspring.me which the book publisher HarperStudio began using earlier this week as a way of responding to questions about some recent personnel changes they’ve had.

The premise if very simple: you type in a question, it goes to the account holder’s inbox, and then they can answer those questions which then show up online. Plus, when you set up your account, you can synch it with both Facebook and Twitter so that your answers (with a link back to your formspring.me page) show up there as well. And that’s pretty much all there is to it!

So, anyone who does have a publishing question for us can now visit our formspring.me page here. (And, in lieu of publishing-related questions, we are also well versed in Dallas Cowboys football, obscure movies, and—thanks to Sheila—Farm Town.)



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