What’s New at TSTC Publishing

11 Feb

What’s up at TSTC Publishing?

Well, for one thing, the publishing arm of Texas State Technical College just moved to new offices in Patterson Hall. Since a skunk had staked out the foundation space in our former offices, we welcomed the move to new bright cheery offices on the first floor of Patterson.

As Publisher Mark Long directed moving traffic with employees Melanie Peterson (departmental secretary); Grace Arsiaga (projects manager) and Sheila Boggess (marketing manager), our new Sales Manager Wes Lowe arrived, ready for his first day on the job.

“Your clothes are much too nice,” said Long, who then instructed TSTC Publishing’s newest employee to go put on some jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers and help move. Lowe returned, ready to help.

Not much has slowed down as the publishing department continues through its growing pains. Only a week after moving, the new semester started and that meant new TSTC Publishing interns. This semester, TSTC Publishing welcomed nine interns from TSTC’s Advertising, Design and Print (ADP) program and two editorial interns from Baylor University, one from the Journalism and Public Relations Department and one from the English Department. Student interns make a HUGE difference at TSTC Publishing.

“Each one contributes many times over,” said Long, who explained students do actual work that is published in the form of book design, writing copy for the book catalog or writing copy for the back of book covers. In addition, this semester, the editorial interns are posting on the TSTC Publishing Book Business Blog at tstcpublishing.wordpress.com.

TSTC Publishing is nearing its sixth anniversary as the publishing arm of TSTC. Long recalls starting from scratch was hard since TSTC Publishing didn’t have any books published for the first 18 months. Now TSTC Publishing touts more than 40 titles and is in the process of publishing a history book on Waco, a dance choreography book, and four new TechCareer Series titles.

In 2008, TSTC Publishing launched its first title, Biomedical Equipment Technicians, in the TechCareer Series. TSTC Emerging Technologies underwrote the series, created to inform the public about existing technologies and those to come.

Emerging Technologies also provided funding for 500 copies of each book in the series to be distributed throughout Texas to high school career and technical educators. Besides Biomedical Equipment Technicians, the series includes Auto Technicians and its newest titles to be released soon: Avionics, Computer Gaming, Wind Energy and Welding.

“Each book is packed with resources such as what salary one can expect entering that particular field,” said Long. “We also include a list of programs throughout the nation and what is needed to get into a typical program.” Other subjects in the works include aviation maintenance, aircraft pilot training, advertising, design and print technology, and radiation protection technology.

Feel free to check out TSTC Publishing on the first floor of Patterson Hall, and you might want to check out some books, too. For information, visit the TSTC Publishing Web site at http://publishing.tstc.edu/

You also can follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/tstcpublishing and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php.


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