TSTC Publishing Intern Welcomes New Opportunity

22 Jan

Whether I’m trying sushi for the first time, zip lining through the trees, working at a cosmetic counter, or studying French— one thing is certain: I absolutely love trying new things and gaining different experiences. (For example, this is my first blog posting!) Zeal for knowledge and passion for pursuing diverse interests is a common thread throughout my life and is evidenced by my academic pursuits. I became a journalism and public relations (PR) student at Baylor University because of my love for stories and for the people who make them extraordinary. Inspiring, gripping, saddening, or thought-provoking, everyone has a story to tell. A journalist’s responsibility is to tell those stories in a compelling way.

My name is Rachel McGinness, and I’m excited to be part of the TSTC Publishing team as an intern this spring. I’m a student in Dr. Cassy Burleson’s Advanced PR course this spring. As a student in the course, I must complete a PR internship in Waco. My goal for the course is to familiarize myself with the PR field while gaining first-hand experience working in the industry.

As a public relations and journalism student, I’ve had the opportunity to write and intern for several companies and publications including a student newspaper, yearbook, hospital and an education foundation. These jobs afforded me several experiences including everything from writing brochure copy and designing layouts, to drafting news releases and newspaper stories.

I’ve never worked in publishing before and am looking forward to the new experience. I know the internship with TSTC will exceed the basic requirements for my class. Even during my interview and first day on the job, Sheila Boggess, my internship supervisor, promised to always keep me busy! Future projects include blogging and updating social media, writing and editing a catalog, and interviewing students for a textbook. In addition to learning about publishing and marketing textbooks, I’ll become familiar with technical career fields such as wind energy, aviation and RV repair— all while honing my writing and editing skills.

As a TSTC Publishing intern, I will be mentored and given projects to help me become more marketable and competitive in the PR and publishing industries. I’m privileged to have yet another opportunity to try my hand at something new!


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