TSTC Publishing Welcomes New Sales Manager

19 Jan

Wes Lowe started January 4 at TSTC Publishing as the new sales manager. He said he is very excited to be a part of the team at Texas State Technical College (TSTC) even though his first assignment was helping his new co-workers move to new offices. “Wes showed up on the first day in nice work clothes,” said Publisher Mark Long. “We told him to go change and come back and help us move.” TSTC Publishing is now in Room 104 in Patterson Hall.

Lowe was born in Goldthwaite, Texas, but later moved with his family to Austin. He attended Stephen F. Austin High School where he played football as a center and defensive tackle. After he graduated from high school, Lowe attended the University of Texas where he got a degree in radio-television-film and marketing. His wife, Kathy, teaches in Round Rock. They have two daughters: Sarah is newly graduated from Angelo State University in San Angelo, and Kymmi currently attends Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

Upon completing his degree, Lowe first worked at KCEN-TV (between Temple and Waco) and later at television stations in San Angelo, culminating into a 20-year career in television advertising.

Lowe left television advertising to go into teaching. He taught high school English for three years. His strong desire to keep a connection with education led him to TSTC Publishing where the company primarily publishes and sells textbooks. Book publishing is a new field to him, however, and he is working hard to learn as much about the field as possible.

As the new sales manager, Lowe is responsible for creating adoption sales, which consists of working with the faculty and staff of different schools and showing them the advantages of adopting TSTC Publishing’s books. He is working to get in touch with existing clients, and learning what it is they like or dislike about their experiences with TSTC Publishing, in order to discover why people buy and to duplicate that in the future to make more sales. While it may be slightly tedious work in the beginning, it is necessary, according to Lowe, because the more satisfied customers TSTC Publishing has, the more sales he will be able to make in the future.

The challenge is making those connections. Lowe said he is hard at work, connecting with professors at other colleges, outside of the Waco and Harlingen area. His goal for TSTC Publishing is for it to be recognized by its name alone for being a great company with quality books for affordable prices. Since TSTC is unique in that it is the only two-year technical college with its own publishing branch, it might prove to be difficult to compete with traditional textbook publishers. However, Lowe is confident he will be able to make TSTC Publishing the “Coca-Cola of textbooks.”

His favorite part of his new job is challenging himself to make a sale and then the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing that task. Once a new sale is made, Lowe says “It creates a synergy that causes a snowballing effect.” The most important factor in making a sale and creating that synergy is the team with whom he will be working. “Nothing can beat a team that is strong at working together. Whether it’s the interns or the head of a specific division, everyone is an essential part of the team. Without team work, nothing else matters,” explains Lowe.

Lowe says he is extremely excited to be working at TSTC Publishing. With everyone in the office having a clear goal in mind (to make TSTC Publishing the best), it makes for a great atmosphere where he feels that he will be able to put his talent and experience to good use by helping to continue and expand the dream of making TSTC Publishing a great name.

Established in 2004 as the publishing arm of the Texas State Technical College System, TSTC Publishing is a provider of high-end technical instructional materials and related information to institutions of higher education and private industry. More information about the products and services offered by TSTC Publishing may be found at its Web site at publishing.tstc.edu.

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