TSTC Publishing Welcomes Baylor Intern

19 Jan

TSTC Publishing has taken me on as an intern for the spring semester. My name is Shayla Crane and I am a senior at Baylor University where I am studying English with a minor in Creative Writing. My ideal job is to become an author, primarily in the genre of teen fantasy or science fiction. However, the completion of that dream is really far away at the moment. Until I can achieve that dream, I have decided to seek a career in book publishing.

Books have been a large part of my life ever since my mother first read to me as a child. I have continued to read a lot of books and decided, as of June 2009, to use my love of books to help others by starting a book blog. My blog is called The Book Explorer.  On my site, I review books I have read, talk about books that I am looking forward to their release and give interviews of authors whose books I have reviewed. This love of books is what led me to seek a career in book publishing, which in turn led me to TSTC Publishing.

On my first day at TSTC, I was completely nervous and worried about what would require of me while I was there. As a person who reads a lot of books and watches a lot of movies, I had already imagined the kinds of things I might be doing: getting coffee, running errands, making copies. Even though this was not what I wanted to do, I convinced myself I was okay with it because it would be experience that I could put on a resume and help me get a job in book publishing in the near future. As soon as I arrived, however, those imaginings disappeared.

My first assignment was to conduct an interview. I had to interview the new sales manager and then write a post on him for the TSTC Publishing blog. While doing interviews and writing articles are things I have done multiple times in the past, I was always given advance noticed in order to prepare questions, decide on an approach and then sort through the notes I jotted down from the answers I received. My heart was beating a million beats per minute and I was completely nervous at the thought of doing an interview on the spot. Once I got started though, I relaxed and absolutely loved the fact that I got to do it. It was actually an assignment and, not just an errand to keep me busy and out of the way!

I actually get to be part of the team and work on actual projects. I am extremely excited about my internship, and cannot wait to see what else I get to learn while I am here. I know I will be able to take what I learn and use it at any job I have in the future.



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