TSTC Publishing Hosts Two Workstudy Interns

22 Nov

TSTC Publishing staff members enjoy working with all the interns. Earlier posts introduced TSTC and Baylor interns. This posting introduces you to Andres Torres and Laina Juarez, our workstudy interns.

Andres Torres is a computer science technology major from Grand Prairie, Texas. As a work study intern, Andres works with everyone on the publishing team, assisting with special projects. Andres is now well-experienced in the Highrise program, He describes his level of expertise as “just below a Jedi.” Andres said he chose TSTC because it will help him reach his ultimate goal to program for a big company. In the future, Andres sees himself working for Microsoft or Blizzard.

When he gets a little free time, Andres likes to play sports, video or computer games, and indulge in his love for science fiction. Andres loves the adventures of science fiction because he likes to imagine himself as the character, and being a part of “all of the amazing stuff that happens on the adventures.”

Arlington native Laina Juarez works as a data entry intern at TSTC Publishing. Laina is a computer science major. She hopes to work as a database administrator. “My dad is a database administrator and has the flexibility of working at home,” said Laina.

Originally furthering her education at Ball State University in Indiana, Laina transferred back to Texas after her freshman year, and began studying computer science at TSTC Waco. She said she thought would be more advantageous to have a two-year degree in computer science than a four-year degree in psychology, so she made the move to TSTC.

When Laina isn’t studying or working, she enjoys reading the “Twilight” saga and “Great and Terrible Beauty.” She also enjoys playing pool at Clicks.

Although she hasn’t planned her future completely, Laina knows she wants to stay in Texas. She has family in Florida, and “it snows too much in Indiana,” she said. Laina plans to graduate with a degree in computer science in the summer or fall of 2010.

Kristin and Alyssa

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