TSTC Publishing Interns to Play Powder Puff Football

16 Nov

TSTC Publishing interns Heather Padgett, Jessica Luckey, Amanda Knight, Laina Juarez and Victoria Ricoy plan to compete as the Purple Pandas in the 2009 TSTC Powder Puff Football game at 6 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 19, at the TSTC Recreation Field.

The game is sponsored by the Student Ambassador Association to help pay for the student ambassadors to attend an out-of-state conference for the National Orientation Directors Association in the spring.

However, the game is about more than just the Student Ambassadors. TSTC recruiter Autum Outlaw is looking for ways to add tradition to the TSTC campus. The powder puff game is a way for students to meet each other while supporting a campus cause, she said.

The Student Association has raised $250 from team entries and plans to sell T-shirts for $8 during the game. There are four teams entered, and the winning team will receive bragging rights for being the best TSTC powder puff team.

Cheering on the Purple Pandas are fellow male interns James Haugh and George Miller. George is excited about the game and expects a large turnout from students. Be sure and keep an eye on George, he might demonstrate some of his gymnastics skills. Goooo Pandas!



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