Learning to Blog After 30 Years of Writing

9 Nov

As the new Marketing Manager at TSTC Publishing, I understand the need to use the latest technology to reach the masses. I embraced e-mail, desktop publishing (or pagination in newspaper circles), and love Facebook so why am I so reluctant to blog?

Now my new job description actually dictates that I learn to blog and blog often. I’m not even going to try to analyze my blog-phobia. Suffice to say, I spent years, yes, decades telling the tales of others. I came up through the newspaper ranks when objective reporting was just that. We weren’t to give our view of anything unless it was through an editorial. When I became a newspaper editor, I faced the same type of phobia. How do you give out your opinions freely when you’ve been trained to be objective, fair and unbiased?

Now, I’m blogging about the whole process of blogging. For the record, I haven’t got into the texting mode, either. On the one hand, I think it’s great that everyone is returning to the written word after spending mindless generations in front of the tube, that frankly no longer even has a tube in it. Remember when you turned off the TV, and the picture went away slowly until there was only a pinpoint of light remaining? And why did we have to watch that pinpoint until it wasn’t there at all? It also was way too exciting to stay up until the stations signed off on the air at midnight. Now, we’re inundated 24/7. OK, back to blogging.

Or maybe this is enough of a post for a first attempt. Who’s to say how long a post should really be? I’ve said my piece, and now I’m done. Why prolong the agony?


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