New Media Marketing: The Texas RV Professor

6 Aug

And then, every once in a while you come across something that stands way out from the normal ebb and flow of the day-to-day textbook publishing routine. That was certainly the case this morning when one of our new authors—Terry Cooper, the Texas RV Professor, who we recently signed a three-book deal with—directed me toward a promotional video he and his business partner Bruce Carbonara had put together at their Web site The Everything RV TV Network. A little bit of Race With The Devil (hands down the greatest RV movie ever made) combined with a smidgen of Children of the Corn, it’s the closest I’ve come to seeing a (potentially) viral video before it actually went “viral.”

Wow . . . I never knew RV water filtration systems had such potential for drama!

One of the best things my dad ever told me was that everyone—or almost everyone—needs a job they find interesting every day. Whatever that job may be, of course, depends from person to person. I have a friend who’s a long-time carpenter and he loves it because each job he does is a different “problem” to be solved. And that’s the blessing (and curse) of book publishing: no two days are ever the same. But, above and beyond all that, a big part of staying interested on the job is working to keep it (and make it) interesting. We spend a fair amount time doing just that—after all, you could grow up to be a textbook publishing robot, but where’s the fun in that?—and it was a pleasant turn of events to see that Terry and Bruce obviously feel the same way about what they do as well.

(I can also recommend this video—the link courtesy of Sarah-Jane Sanders at TSTC Waco‘s Marketing & Communications—that operates as an effective antidote to the tone of the movie Helvetica!)



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  1. Shower Screen December 3, 2010 at 2:41 pm #

    of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny ;~;


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