Conferences & Conventions: The Top 25 Things to Take When Exhibiting

22 May

As I’ve noted in the last couple of posts, we’ve been getting geared up for the last week or so to go to the NISOD convention in Austin next week. Grace and I will be doing a presentation about the publishing operation on Tuesday but, much more labor intensive, will be assembling (Sunday), manning (Sunday through Tuesday), and then then taking down (Tuesday night) the TSTC Publishing booth in the exhibit hall.

NISOD is one of our best opportunities to see people from around the TSTC System as well as make new contacts from the rest of the State and country. So, given that, you want to make sure that you’ve got everything laid out to take with you well ahead of time so as not to forget something small (or big) that’s crucial. I’ve learned the hard way from personal experience—I’m famous for leaving all my dress shirts behind hanging on the kitchen door when going out of town–to put together a detailed list of what we need to take with us.

So, this afternoon, Melanie and I put together our list, checked it twice, and keep adding stuff to the mountainous pile that’s been building on our conference room table for the last couple of weeks:

  1. Exhibit backdrop (banners, stands, lights, and extra halogen light bulbs)
  2. Business cards for both Grace and me
  3. 6-8 cases of Dr Pepper (regular and diet)
  4. Two display signs thanking Dr Pepper Bottling of Waco for providing Dr Peppers
  5. Laptop, PowerPoint projector, presentation saved to laptop as well as flash drive as PowerPoint and PDF
  6. Display copies of current/forthcoming books
  7. Display stands for books
  8. NISOD survival bags
  9. Bottled water we’ll put in bags once we’re in the exhibit hall
  10. Koozies for bottled water and Dr Peppers
  11. Heavy-duty extension cord and power strip for display lights
  12. business card stands
  13. 50 printouts of presentation for attendees
  14. Extra copies of the new Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life for TSTC attendees and other interested parties
  15. Copies of recent TechBrief newsletters plus advance copies of forthcoming one on ethanol
  16. 6×9 cards promoting session on Tuesday
  17. 6×9 cards promoting Quick Review classes at TSTC Harlingen
  18. Digital camera, download cord, and extra batteries
  19. One flat of new calendars
  20. 250 promo pens
  21. Tax exempt forms for Grace and myself for the hotel we’re staying out plus reservation info
  22. TSTC table skirts for exhibit booth
  23. Rubber bands to roll up calendars plus wire mesh container to keep those in at booth
  24. Dolly to trundle stuff in and out of exhibit hall
  25. And, last but not least, CATALOGS!

Ah, yes, and tomorrow we’ll think up even more things while inevitably as I’m driving down to Austin on Sunday morning whatever the thing is that I will actually do forget to bring will be remembered . . . just a little too late!


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