Book Publishing Interns: Spring 2008 Intern Reception

21 Apr

And then, the spring 2008 semester came to end.

Yes, it’s that time of the semester when we officially wrap things up with the publishing interns reception tomorrow. (And, thanks in particular to the project management skills of Grace Arsiaga, we really are done with our book orders for the upcoming semester by the time of this intern reception.) As always, we’ve had a great bunch of interns over here from both TSTC Waco‘s ADP technology and Baylor University‘s journalism and professional writing programs.

We had three TSTC graphics interns—Ashley Stovall, Kelly Spencer, and Callie Trueblood—who contributed greatly over the past three months. Ashley helped close out the final illustrations on the hand tools book as well as doing the design for the 2008-09 TSTC Publishing calendar, which is at the printer even as I write. Kelly had been a first-semester intern with us last year and even had a stint as a work study working on the hand tools book as well but since she’s been back for a second go-round she’s been working on a children’s coloring book for the TSTC Harlingen library. Callie was another intern we got kind of late in the semester but she’s been a production machine, knocking out a whole set of dental assisting book covers we’ll be using over the course of the next year as we publish new editions of all 11 of their books.

(And, although she wasn’t an intern, I do have to commend the work of Carmen Rangel, our newest graphics work study, who has done a slew of things for us this semester including the most recent poster and ticket designs for the Waco Junior Chamber of Commerce’s Smoke on the River Chili Cook-Off as well as the cover for our summer 2008 catalog.)

On the editorial side, we had two students—Rachel Baldwin and Jennifer Bui—from the professional writing program out of the English department at Baylor and Katelyn Foster, a recent graduate of the Baylor journalism program. The Baylor interns are always useful when it comes to having a second and third (or even fourth) set of eyes for copyediting and proofreading but all three of them were especially valuable as we closed out Karen Mitchell Smith’s Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life, the new freshman orientation textbook that’s going to print next week. All of them did valuable background research for each of the chapters that helped facilitate Karen’s writing process as well as producing many of the supplementary materials going into the instructor resource online site: supplemental Web sites and books, discussion questions and writing prompts, and a whole bank of multiple choice, true-false, and fill-in-the-blank test bank questions.

To show our appreciation for the interns this semester, we’ll be having a reception for them tomorrow—Tuesday, April 22—from 12-2 in the Culinary Arts ballroom at TSTC Waco. (The ballroom is across the hall from our offices.) Samples of intern work will be on display, we’ll have some certificates and moderately lovely parting gifts for them, and there will be barbecue from Eddie Ray’s Smoke House in West. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone with an interest in publishing in general or what our interns (and us) are up to in particular to stop by.



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  1. Karen Mitchell Smith May 23, 2008 at 10:13 pm #

    Hey, Mark. LOVED the snapshot thing. That’s pretty cool! Can’t wait to see my desk copy. Thanks for everything!

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