Meet the Publisher: Shameless Self-Promotion, Part II

24 Mar

foner-books-logo.jpgMany thanks are due to Morris Rosenthal over at his Self-Publishing blog for posting this email interview I did with him recently. Morris is one of the real gurus of self-publishing through print-on-demand (POD) and his blog is full of useful nuts and bolts information about the business. Not surprisingly, then, he asked me primarily about POD in relationship to the kind of books we publish as opposed to our operation in general as I talked with Lori Cates Hand a while back in this post at her Publishing Careers blog.

One thing for sure that I want to note about Morris is the videos he’s been making about different aspects of self publishing. The easiest way to see these is to go to his channel—Publisher TV as he calls it—at YouTube. Topics he covers include designing a large format book, publishing budgets, designing a publishing Web site, and much more. To me, folks like Morris (and Lori) embody the best the the Internet has to offer those interested in publishing (or any other subject): easy access to experts in the field who are gracious and generous enough to share their knowledge with others.


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  1. Stephen Tiano March 24, 2008 at 8:02 pm #

    Nice going, Mark. I read the interview. Made me think a bit and I commented/asked a question or two.


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