Graphics Interns: Bird’s Eye View Maps

28 Feb

waco_1892.jpgA couple of years ago I was fortunate enough—a little bit of luck combined with a skosh of foresight—to see an exhibition at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, of 19th century bird’s eye view maps of Texas cities like this one of Waco in 1892.

Then, as I am wont to do upon occasion, I had what I considered a really great idea . . . one made even more great by the having heavy lifting—so to speak—left to one or more of our graphics interns.

Namely, I thought it would be interesting to see if we—once again, this kind of “royal we” means folks other than myself—could produce a bird’s eye view map of the TSTC Waco campus a la the style from the exhibition. Then, fast forward two years:


The vast majority of all this is thanks to Jimmy Wisehart, an intern in our office last spring and summer (and who now knows inordinately more about Adobe Illustrator than he ever thought possible or desirable). In particular, Jimmy took the general idea—Hey! Look at this Web site! Do something like this! And make it look, you know, really cool!—and, instead of needing to be lead by the hand by the likes of me, took ownership of the project and made it his own. Other work Jimmy did for use includes our 2007-08 calender and, based on what we’ve seen, he has a bright career ahead of him after graduation.

In all fairness, however, I do have to add that grateful assistance was offered by Ashley Stovall, a graphics intern this semester who did the six inset pictures of the individual buildings, and Grace Arsiaga, our full-time graphics specialist, who did some final corrections/updates and touch-up details plus the final (and very necessary) pre-press work to get everything read to send to print.

To see all the fine details—people walking on the exercise track, cars in the lot behind automotive waiting to be fixed, playground equipment at the daycare center, and so on—in a really big JPEG, click here:


Or, to download a 2 meg PDF, click here:


(Now, as book publishers, all that’s left for us to is to figure out what to actually do with this thing!)

So, the next really great idea in the offing? Collaborative action painting inspired by Jackson Pollack. More evidence forthcoming as events warrant.


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