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2 Jan

tccta-logo-2.jpgToday a big “Thanks!” goes out to Scott Nelson, Communications Associate at the Texas Community College Teachers Association. Back in early December as I was looking at the TCCTA site about info on their upcoming conference I came across this post at their blog about scholarships covering registration fees at the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship conference this next week in San Antonio.

Yes, in theory, Texas State Technical College would have paid the $600 registration fee if I had decided to go no matter what but one of the “perks” of running a for-profit enterprise—even (and/or especially) at an institution of higher education—is that you’re always looking to cut costs wherever possible. But, after writing one brief essay subsequently sent via email, I found out a week or so later that I had, indeed, gotten one of the 20 Coleman Scholarships earmarked for Texas two-year college employees. As per their Web site, NACCE seeks to increase “economic development through entrepreneurship education and student business incubation at the community college level.”

There are two basic reasons I’m looking forward to attending. First, given that TSTC Publishing is a start-up in its own right, I’m eager to attend the sessions focusing on the mechanics of beginning a new business. As I’ve often written here, as a former English teacher who comes from a family of teachers, all things business tend to be—although less so as time goes by—incredibly mysterious. Second, though, many of our interns—both graphics and editorial—want to be freelancers when they graduate so it will be nice to know what kinds of resources to steer them toward when mulling over the pros and cons of this career path.

I’ll be attending pre-conference workshop on Sunday—after making, in all likelihood, a whirlwind trip to Sweetwater on Saturday to drop books at the TSTC West Texas bookstore—so I’ll be posting updates once I get down there.


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  1. Stephen Tiano January 4, 2008 at 6:28 pm #

    Congrats, Mark! I look forward to your posting about anything about promoting one’s freelance business. I believe I’m getting the hang of it–after 15 years I’d better–as I am forever thinking there’s one more great idea just around the corner that hasn’t occurred to me yet. And then there’s always the question of how comfortable I am with acting on it. Business isn’t exactly mysterious to me, but I find that selling myself makes me uncomfortable. So do keep us informed about what you learn at this conference.

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