Book Publishing Interns: The End (Of The Semester) is Extremely Nigh . . . Let’s Eat!

30 Nov

italian-food.jpegToday, as we do at the end of every semester, we had a luncheon for the interns and student workers that worked with us this fall. (All kinds of samples of past intern work can be found here.) And, once again, we had it had Gratziano’s, an Italian food restaurant in downtown Waco on Franklin Avenue in the restaurant complex across the street from the Hilton. For my and/or the school’s money, Gratziano’s has the best lunch buffet at the best price around and it’s always a treat to eat there, especially when it heralds the impending end to the semester as well. Many thanks for getting all this set up—including some lovely parting gifts for the interns—are due to Melanie Peterson, our new secretary these past two months, who is finally at the point where she doesn’t look quite so much like a deer caught in the headlights while getting a handle on the eight million things she’s been tasked to do.

This semester we had five graphics interns from TSTC Waco’s Advertising Design & Print Technology program—Kari Lara, Marvin Smith, Leticia Ybarra, Kacy Scmidt, and Selena Tierce—plus one editorial intern from Baylor University’s journalism department—Nathan McCoy—along with Sheri McGee and Grant Jurries, our two graphics student workers. Special kudos are due to Grace Arsiaga, our graphics specialist, who very adeptly used our Project Forum site to have her graphics interns produce 200 illustrations for one pro bono project, an additional 150+ by Sheri alone for our forthcoming hand tools book, 100+ illustrations for the forthcoming machining technology projects manual, 11 new dental assisting workbook covers for the new editions we have coming out plus all kinds of individual piece work done on an ad hoc basis by virtue of each of them working ten or so hours a week. Plus, Todd Glasscock, our editor, had Nathan complete a ton of useful work on our new catalog, new pieces about current and forthcoming projects, as well as doing lots of very necessary proofreading and copyediting.

In particular, this was our chance to wish Grant Jurries a fond farewell. Grant started as an intern fall a year ago, was both an intern and student worker last spring (at that point he was working in the office 25 hours a week), and then a student worker last summer and this fall. He’s not scheduled to graduate until this coming May but we just learned that he doesn’t have any unmet financial aid need—like many people who get told this, it was both unexpected and a skosh unjustified in Grant’s mind—so last week was his final one to work with us. Over the past year Grant has done a lot of excellent work for us, especially different pro bono jobs like promo pieces for the Waco Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Rapoport Academy Public School, and the Waco Arts Fest in addition to doing the design and layout for our fall 2007 book catalog.

Finally, as just another example of what a small world it is, while I was standing outside Gratziano’s looking for stragglers to shepherd in, I ran into both Jackie Deavenport (an editorial intern from last spring) and James Brown, a two-semester intern we had back in 2005 who’s now a lead designer in the marketing department at The Dwyer Group. James was part of an excellent group of interns I had in the spring and summer of that year that included Josh Hicks, Zach Oldham, Daniel Saragosa, Katherine Wilson, Jonathan Streb, and Marcello Milteer. Amongst the many projects James completed was the ebook for Phaedrus by Plato which can be found here.

As always, in theory, the intern luncheon signals the end of the semester . . . for the interns at any rate. As for us full timers, we’re wrapping up the finishing touches on a couple of new books as well as wrangling the spring book orders so now it’s a mad dash to the end of the year.


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  1. Ron December 4, 2007 at 1:00 am #

    What a great group of interns you have had. I know that the experience they had during their publishing internship helped the graduates you mentioned be successful in their careers.
    Congratulations to all of you!

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