Editorial Intern: More from Nathan McCoy

12 Oct

Besides helping us work up blurbs for our first catalog, editorial intern Nathan McCoy has produced another promotional piece for us, this one about The Quick Math Review by Diana Gafford, developmental math chair at Texas State Technical College Harlingen. Thought I’d share that piece with you.


TSTC Harlingen Faculty Collaborate on Quick Math Review


By Nathan McCoy
October 2, 2007

During planning for the Quick Review math course at Texas State Technical College Harlingen, Diana Gafford, developmental math department chair at TSTC Harlingen, said she looked through several books for the class but couldn’t find anything she liked.

“I wanted a bare bones book and didn’t want students to pay $150 for a textbook,” Gafford said.

So Gafford decided to write her own book, The Quick Math Review, with assistance from Dr. Mike Hosseinpour, senior math instructor at TSTC Harlingen. The book is a basic review workbook that covers the material needed for the Quick Review class, an intensive one-week course covering topics from Basic Mathematics, Introductory Algebra and Intermediate Algebra.

Gafford said the book begins with fractions and continues into areas such as factoring, basic algebra and graphing.

“I wrote this book to help these kids accelerate through the developmental sequence,” Gafford said. “It pares everything down to the very basic skills that students need to know.”

The developmental math department offers support to programs at TSTC Harlingen to improve their students’ math skills and prepare them for the workplace or other college-level math courses.

The class is held the week before the regular semester. Students are taught from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with an hour break for lunch.

Gafford said she has been very pleased with the inclusion of The Quick Math Review in the Quick Review class.

“Out of all our students, 65 to 70 percent move up and pass the class to save themselves a semester or two of Basic Math or Introductory Algebra,” Gafford said.

* * *

Nathan McCoy is a senior at Baylor University, majoring in journalism and public relations with a minor in marketing. He’s a 2004 graduate of Irmo High School, Columbia, S.C. Between classes, interning here and working at the Baylor Fund Call Center, he enjoys getting involved with all things having to do with music: learning guitar, listening to it whenever possible and going to concerts. He’s also a sports fan, supporting Baylor athletics, rooting for the Dallas Mavericks, complaining about the Texas Rangers, and playing golf, tennis and basketball. After graduation he hopes to work in public relations.

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