Book Publishing Operations: NISOD 2007, May 20-23, Austin, Texas

18 May

This afternoon I’m in something of a rush, trying to get all my ducks in a row—cases of soft drinks, koozies, pens, book stands, display copies of books, business cards, and so on—to go to the NISOD conference next week. NISOD stands for National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. Every year Texas State Technical College has a booth at NISOD and this will be the third year in a row I’ve attended.

I’m a big believer in anniversaries and other things that come around once a year and it just goes to show how far TSTC Publishing has come along since the first time I went to NISOD in 2005. That first year we were still four months away from publishing our first two books. (There’s nothing quite as awkward as representing a publishing operation that hasn’t actually published any books.) Back then, even more so than usual, I was equal parts sweat and nerves. Last year we had a good selection of books out and have one project pretty firmly in development from meeting and talking with folks in the exhibit hall. This year I’ll be in the booth a skosh less than in years past and, instead, have been going over the conference program seeing which sessions I want to make sure to attend to see if I can’t birddog some publishing projects.

I know for sure that I’ll be attending Diana Gafford’s session “Developmental Acceleration: Quick Review” on Tuesday morning, May 22, from 11:15 to 12:15, which she is co-chairing with Billie Becker. Diana is the chair of the developmental math department at TSTC Harlingen while Billie chairs developmental English there as well. One of our projects that we are fast and furiously in the thick of right now is The Quick Math Review, a developmental math text that Diana wrote with Dr. Mike Hosseinpour, another math instructor at TSTC Harlingen. We had hoped to have advance review copies ready in time to distribute at their presentation. As we have learned, however, through a couple of other earlier math book projects, these books never go as quickly as we would like. That is, there are equations, tables, charts, and so on to deal with. (It makes me wish, sometimes, that we could put together a novel . . . words, all words, nothing but words!) Instead, we printed and bound the first five chapters to give away as a sample. I just picked those up this afternoon from TSTC Waco Printing Production—after dropping off the files this morning to be printed and bound—so major kudos is due to Bill Evridge and all his people for getting all that done in such short order.

Anyway, for anyone out there planning to attend NISOD this year, make sure to stop by the TSTC booth. We’ll have plenty of free Dr. Peppers (regular and diet) to give away in TSTC Publishing koozies and lots of official TSTC Publishing pens for folks as well. And, as always, I’m happy to talk about all things publishing in general or, even better, specific publishing projects in particular.


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