Recommended Publishing Resources: Low-Tech New Media Marketing

24 Apr

As I was going through emails from the Publish-L listserv today, I came across a link to Miranda July’s promotional Web site for her new book No One Belongs Here More Than You. As an outgrowth of my earlier post about New Media vs. “Old” Marketing, I think Ms. July’s site hits a nice middle ground. That is, she’s using the ever-ubiquitous Internet (and its concomitant technologies and applications) to present a decidedly low-tech pitch for her book.

After all, that’s one thing I always kind of wonder/worry about: that software and templates and Web applications and so on are overwhelming people’s (or some people’s) inherent sense of whimsy and humor. That is, I think the urge to use readily available tools—especially Web-based ones—in order to present a “Professional” (yes, with a capital “P”!) appearance has an awful lot of people presenting themselves as looking and sounding like almost everyone else. I mean, in the end, if you’re a writer it’s the words that count, whether they are printed and bound, digitized and uploaded, or written on the top of a refrigerator or a stove. And Ms. July’s Web site is certainly going to stick longer in my mind than many/most of the other book promotion sites I’ve seen lately.


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