Book Publishing Operations: New Media vs. “Old” Marketing

17 Apr

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading (and a lot of surfing the Web) investigating different aspects of New Media. In general, this term means—if you follow its link to Wikipedia—media that is created, distributed, and viewed through digital means (primarily computers).

So, for example, if you have a product you’re promoting and selling, you might use a dedicated Web site, a blog, podcasts, email, “expert” articles and/or newsletters posted online, listervs, rss feeds, and the like. Then, of course, you use all kinds of tracking software to see who is coming to your site and how exactly—referring pages and search engine terms used—they wound up there.

To that end, of course, we have the official TSTC Publishing site, our e-commerce site, this blog (and its accompanying rss feed, also available by email), a few articles at, and other miscellaneous examples that fall into the New Media marketing category.

On the other hand, I often wonder about the ultimate impact of these efforts by way of our baseline indicator: how many sales and how much revenue was generated as direct result of these activities. Or, rather, given that we do track the success of these online initiatives, I wonder how “old” marketing methods might fare in comparison.

So, just this morning I took a thousand direct mail pieces—6×9 postcards—over to TSTC Printing Production for a bulk mailing. These postcards have their own particular discount code for the Technology Forecast 7-Pack, a specially priced bundled package of the first seven technology forecasts published in conjunction with TSTC’s Emerging Technologies. (We’ve been generating a database of contact information for our target market for the last few months thanks to the efforts of Tammy Turner, our outstanding departmental secretary.) If all goes well over the long haul—that is, a significant percentage of sales are generated using this particular discount code as well as with some other test mailings we’re doing over the next month—we’ll continue to send out targeted bulk mailings for a variety of products.



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