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14 Dec

One of the good things about having been a teacher for ten years is that it teaches you to be a life-long learner. (After all, no matter what the specific subject at hand in any given class might be, that’s ulitmately what teachers want: students who have the curiosity to keep teaching themselves and learning on their own long after a class is finished.) Lately I’ve been reading a lot of publishing books about book marketing, via both traditional and online means. While I’m still in the process of reading The Web-Savvy Writer: Book Promotion with a High-Tech Twist by Patrice-Anne Rutledge (Blue Sky Press 2006), I can already recommend it to both book authors and small publishers.

The book has well written and to-the-point chapters focusing on Web site design, search engine optimization, promotional blogs, rss feeds, podcasts, ezines, ecommerce, different online distribution channels, and much more. Another thing I like about this book is that it is working to promote itself via the sames means detailed within it. So, for those people who buy the book and still want to know more and/or be updated on the latest news and other information, you have: The Web-Savvy Writer Web Site and The Web-Savvy Writer Blog. At the Web site you can also sign up for a free subscription to The Web-Savvy Writer Ezine and at the blog you can hear and/or subscribe to The Web-Savvy Writer Podcast.

I wonder sometimes if perhaps some of this Web-based content–in general, not Ms. Routledge’s book in particular–is overkill, designed more to optimize search engine results and drive people to drive a book under the guise of these other resources. On the other hand, I guess it has a lot to do with what the intent behind these ancillary sites ultimately is. That is, if it’s just to drive up book sales, people are pretty canny about sniffing that out. What I would hope–and what I’d like to see us do with the online component of TSTC Publishing–is that we can be a resouce for people in interested in writing and publishing. In addition, I’m curious to see if we can build an actual community–instead of being a disparate group of publishing staff, writers, readers, bookstores, and the like–clustered around TSTC Publishing and its mission.


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