Publishing Word of the Day: Humanist

7 Dec


Letterforms that look a bit like handwriting, or at least don’t look too mechanical or geometric. Identifiable by having a humanist axis, or angle emphasis related to handwriting.

(From The Elements of Graphic Design by Alexander White. NY: Allworth Press, 2002. p. 138.)

. . . . . . . . . .

For those of you keeping track, I added another title to the Recommended Resources page: The Copyright Handbook: How to Protect & Use Written Works by Stephen Fishman and published by Nolo. This book is like many of the books that we keep on hand in the office: we go a long time without using it but when we need it we need it. Just this afternoon I had a copyright issue requiring a quick answer and thankfully this book was right there on my shelf in the office. As I told one of our interns, having a book like this around is a good example of something I learned in grad school: it’s not so much that you learn tons of stuff there . . . but you do learn where to find the information you need!


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